360º Professional Development Programme

for Saudi Arabian Luxury & Fashion Brands


The Saudi 100 brands is a specifically designed programme for Fashion Companies, Brands and/or Designers to achieve their full potential.
The Saudi 100 Brands programme provides the fashion brands with a one-year fundamental developmental
process that delivers a tailored-made mentorship through one-to-one consultancy sessions.

Brands will receive specialised mentoring, training and consulting in the categories of Bridal, Couture, Ready to Wear, Jewellery, Bags,Beauty, Footwear and Fragrance, aiming at developing businesses in the following aspects:

The selected brands will benefit from market-related interventions, which will directly impact their businesses through applied strategies. Those interventions will be covering the suitable business strategies from brand positioning, wholesale and retail actions by promoting sales for the national and regional fashion scene and ensuring quantitative ROI, professional training and virtual conferences. This developmental process aims to join the business creativity and commercialise the extensive local talents, and position Saudi Arabia as a strong player on the international fashion scene.


This programme invites all designers, brands and entrepreneurs who are actively working in:



Programme Process:

Participants are selected by the programme committee according to clear and specific criteria.

The programme is presented through virtual and physical sessions, and it takes place in Riyadh, KSA. The main language of the programme will be English.

Programme Phases:


Fill out the registration form and submit the required documents.

From the 11th October to 22nd October

The Profesional Development Programme starts November 1st 2023


Q. What can be expected from the programme?

A. The Saudi 100 brands is a specifically designed programme for Fashion Companies, Brands and/or Designers to achieve their full potential. In this programme, your company will be matched with mentors to consult on your business and design activities as well as participating in tangible business interventions. The aim at the end of this programme is to elevate your overall brand and product offering to meet local and international standards.

Q. How long is the duration of this programme?

A. The Saudi 100 brands is a one year programme that will have different activities and interventions during the year.

Q. Is this programme for free?

A. This programme is funded by the Fashion Commission, part of the Ministry of Culture and is provided for free to nurture the Saudi Fashion industry. Some extra costs might occur during this one-year programme which is non-profitable expenses but related to some retail and wholesale activities as well as shipping some samples to your mentors if needed.

Q. Who can participate and apply?

A. This programme is open for all designers, brands, and entrepreneurs who are actively working in garments, footwear, leather goods, jewellery, and accessories. In order to be considered for this programme, every applicant must:

-Be a Saudi National

-Be 21 years of age and above

-Have an active commercial registration on the sectors of Womenswear or Menswear, Jewellery, Leather Goods, Footwear,Beauty, Fragrance and Accessories with a minimum legal existence of one (1) year.

Q. As a participant, what is expected from me when I join the programme?

A. As this is an outstanding opportunity for your company and/or brand we encourage you to take full advantage of the programme, this means applying your full potential to it, it is expected that you actively participate in it. We expect for you to take this opportunity one of growth, identifying and working towards your goals, committing to take responsibility for your own development, attending to the consultancy sessions and workshops, internally executing the suggestions made by your mentor, following the proposed work plan, delivering all the required assignments on time, and taking actions upon request.

Q. As a leader, should I or my creative team attend the sessions?

A. The attendance of each brand to the sessions and the events is mandatory. It is expected that the brand leader attends the consultancy sessions, and it can be joined by up to 3 people from the company.

Q. If I am part of the 100 selected brands, could I withdraw from the training process at any time?

A. The participants must complete the period of the programme, in case of a withdrawal for any reason it will be a subject of a fine.

Q. When and how will you notify the 100 finalists of the 100 Saudi Brands?

A. Our team will reach out to the applicants via email once a decision has been made. Please keep updated with our social media and website as we will post specific dates to keep in mind regarding the selection process.

Q. If I was not accepted, could I know why and will I be able to participate in next year’s programme?

A. The curation process is completely transparent, the feedback on a rejected application is available upon request. All rejected candidates will be able to apply for next year’s programme.

Q. Can I be expelled from the programme?

A. The Fashion Commission reserves the right to change the terms and conditions from time to time, and the participant must review these terms and conditions periodically. The participant shall accept the terms and conditions of this programme and will practice them during the entire consultation period. If not, the Fashion Committee reserves the right to exclude such participant from the program and any further consultations. If a participant engages in illegal or inappropriate actions, may be subject of expulsion

Participation must not violate any international or local rights, laws, or provisions, or in any way encourage the violation of rights, laws, and provisions. Neither the Fashion Commission nor the Ministry of Culture shall be responsible for any legal procedures against the participant as a result of the participant violating any laws before the official authorities.

At any stage of the competition, the Fashion Commission reserves the right to exclude any participant that does not comply with the terms and conditions, evaluation criteria, or the general orientation of the programme or for any reason that the Fashion Commission or the Ministry of Culture deems appropriate for such exclusion.

Q. Will the personal and professional information I share throughout the platform be kept confidential?

A. Yes, all programme applicants are required to sign a confidentiality statement at the time they apply. All participants should adhere to all applicable privacy policies and procedures instituted by the Saudi 100 brands programme. The information, data that is provided will be kept confidential unless it is required by the law in order to comply, protect or defend the rights of the beneficiaries of the website. Some of the information might be used by the Fashion Commission for press releases and internal archives.

This site is only saving the data that is uploaded and provided by the brand, and only used with the acknowledgement of the designer under their approval, as well the surveys are the absolute freedom of the designer. Similar to other websites, including this site, the hosting server will record your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the date and time of the visit, the type of Internet browser you use and the URL of any website that refers you to this site on the network.

The Fashion Commission is not responsible for any advertisements, links or network ads within the website. The use of third-party advertising companies to display ads when you visit our website. These companies have the right to use information about your visits to this site and to other websites in order to tailor designs based on your interests. No personal information will be saved. (phone number, Email, or address.)

Q. Could my application be saved prior to completing all information needed?

A. Yes, you can save the information and access the application at a later stage to fill in all the needed materials to complete the registration prior to the deadline.

Q. To finalise my application, should I answer all the questions?

A. Not all questions are required, all applicants must answer the mandatory questions, this includes the participant’s personal information.

Q. If I don’t understand a question, who should I contact for clarification?

A. You can send an email to and we can assist you in that matter.